Monday, October 14, 2013

Update On God's Faithfulness: New Direction

Since I first went to Papua New Guinea (PNG) in August 2012, I have had it on my heart to share a story of the diversity, beautiful people, the health care situation, and community development. While I wrote articles and stories for the missions organization I am a part of, it was not to the depth I wanted to cover.

Since I was about eight-years-old, I have wanted to be a writer. First write books, then foreign correspondent, then a sports writer..... on and on and on. 

After not getting to return to PNG this year on our medical ship, I was a bit heartbroken and longing for the Land of the Unexpected. August rolled around and I Skyped a dear friend who recently moved to remote Gulf Province of PNG to be a doctor at the local mission hospital.

I could tell she was smitten with her work and patients. She gushed over the wide variety of work she did while getting to build a relationship with the people she saw. She told me story after story of surgeries by headlamp/torch when electricity cut, patients arriving in their dugout canoes, miraculous healing from Tuberculosis, and the 80+-year-old woman who helped start and was still running this hospital.

I could hardly contain my excitement on the other end of the line! This was The Story. The story I had been waiting to tell. 

"Beth?" I asked, "How would you feel about me coming out to Kapuna and writing a book about your work there?"

"That would be awesome!"

At the time, she did not understand the magnitude of how serious I was, but we talked and dreamed of me coming for a visit.

The only thing standing in the way was my current commitment to the organization I am a part of. My original commitment was almost up, but I had staffed a school with the understanding I would do a second one.

I was in a bind. I wanted to move forward with the book and believed it was right, but I also wanted to keep my word and promises. So, I prayed.

A few weeks later, I was pulled aside by one of my leaders and told he felt it was right for them to release me from my commitment. I had not told him about my desire to move-on, so I took this as God answering my prayer! I knew then, that I was free to follow God into the new direction.

I still needed so many answers and gaps in planning to fill in. Money was also a big necessity since I live off of support and barely pay my bills, how was I to get extra money for a flight to and from PNG, plus visas, etc...

Recently, I found out I could apply for a free six month visa. Then, to top it all off, I was given double my normal support by a few people. Financially it put me at half my goal, in less than a week.

I'm excited to be moving forward in a new direction! Not only do I believe it is right to proceed, I feel the provisions and answers along the way are proof of God's faithfulness in His calling.

If you would like to receive regular updates or hear more about my crazy life in missions, feel free to contact me at I LOVE MY LIFE!

(Side note: Many of you may be asking, "What happened to Cambodia and your dreams to work there?"

Answer: I am still proceeding with the Cambodia plans. PNG will be 4-5 months of serving, getting to know people, and writing. Then, it will end in perfect timing to return to the States for a friend's wedding. Here I want to spend a few months wrapping up my book while reconnecting with family, friends, and church. After that, I believe, it will be time to proceed on to Cambodia. There will be a lot of work that needs to be done getting to Cambodia for the long-haul.

I am trying to hold all of my plans with open hands. I want to take steps of faith forward, trusting that God will guide. If He adjusts my heart and my plans along the way, then I want to be willing to follow.)

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